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Welcome to Rxgreenthumb

Types of Attributes Types of Attributes

All Attributes are searchable through the Rxgreenthumb website along with the quantity minted. Our basic philosophy will be, the more attributes you add to a base model, the less you'll mint of them which will make them rarer.



Serious Joint has multiple characters and expressions available and even more being dreamed up by our artists.

  • Blunted - No Face
  • Serious - Serious Joint - The Guy that started it all
  • Toasty - A Content, Happy Go Lucky kinda Guy
  • Blaze - As the name suggests, it's 4:20 somewhere
  • Amp - Amp is just that, Amped
  • Duuude - Can't put enough U's in his name
  • Buzzed - Definitely just wondering what is going on
  • Sweeet - You know Sweeet when you see him
  • Dope - Okay Homer would be proud, his alter ego is Popeye
  • Stoney - Just a guy

NOTE: Serious Joint has a wife, Her name of course is 'Mary Jane' coming soon!


Serious Joints have a selection of 64 primary colors for body and background. We also mint an empty version with no colors, all that is seen is the line work outline, allowing for bleed through images and fill in by owners if so desired.

Adding a color, either as a background, or as a body color constitutes 1 attribute credit each.

As noted, with each attribute added, we mint less and increase it's value through planned rarities.

Head Gear

Baseball, Beanie, Ben Hogan, Beret Boater, Breton, Burning (A Rarity), Camper, Cloche, Coon Skin, Cowboy, Dad, Deer Stalker, Derby, Fedora, Fez, Floppy, Football, Hard, Hockey, Panama, Party, Pill Box, Poor Boy, Pork Pie, Pucket, Straw, Tracker, Trapper, Trucker, Top


Currently we have a collection of Versace Glasses, Frames and Sunglasses. We will be adding more brands as we develop more accessories.


Baseball, Basketball, Bow Tie, Bra, Dress, Football, Hawaiian, Hockey, Hoodie, Polo, Sweat Shirt, T Shirt, Tank Top, Tie, Tuxedos.

We're aware of copyrights and trademarks and will be creating generic shirts for various sports concentrating on colleges and high schools. This applies to head gear logos, shirt logos, bag/accessory logos et al.


Yes we even have tats. right arm, left arm, both arms, chest, chest and right arm, chest and left arm, chest and both arms. Tats are designed to be seen under most shirts. No leg tats available, but who knows what one of our artists will come up with. ;)


Can't go out without your pants on, or your underwear.

Ballet, Baseball, Basketball, Boxers, Dress, Football, Hockey, Pants, Shorts, Skater, Skirts, Thong, Whitey Tighty, more to come.

Foot Wear

Shoes! Gotta have shoes! We are working with designer brands to bring you a wide variety and a limited offering.

Ballet, Baseball, Basketball, Boots, Cleats, Flats, Heels, High Tops, Hockey, Loafers, Mens Tied, Moccasin, Pumps, Sneakers, Surfers, Sandals, Slippers, Slip Ons, more to come.

Construction Zone

This page is currently under construction.