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How We Roll How We Roll

ID Assignments

When we began the project, the very first thing we did was develop a Project Spreadsheet to perform two basic functions:

  1. Act as a Color Selector
  2. Create SKUs on the fly based on selected, characters, backgrounds, expressions and attributes also referred to as accessories

NOTE: All IDs are assigned by our Project Management Department, which is responsible for updating the public spreadsheet as well as the Social Accounts created for each NFT. The purpose for the Social NFTs is to add an extra level of searchability that the interface lacks.

As you use the site and begin to trade NFTs, you will begin to appreciate the uses built into the Social portion.

Spreadsheet Usage

We will be maintaining our spreadsheet in Google Sheets for access by the general public as a read only file. That very same file is also used by our artists from remote locations to create new NFTs, determine what colors are used, what combination of attributes are used, and how many to mint. Once the artist has selected the attributes, created the file and posted it to the collection and various bundles on OpenSea, the artist will update the Minted Column with a simple yes. This says the the particular avatar has been minted and is now currently available on OpenSea via our collection.

As noted, the less we do to create the avatar, the lower the value and the more we will mint.

Our maximum number of any minted NFT is 65. The rarest of the rare with have less than 10 minted and the extremely rare will have 3 or less generally reserved for special circumstances and or celebrity and promotional distribution.

How We Create an NFT How We Create an NFT

How We Create an NFT

Our Artist are assigned a block of ID numbers (Column "C" of Spreadsheet) which they will then select the various combinations of body color, background color, attributes added and special notes so the eventual owner may have some understanding and background on the particular NFT they are purchasing.

ID Blocks are assigned in groups of 65 to allow for a single color body or a single color background of 64 colors. The extra is for the 0,0 combination of any character that will be clear, no pixels other than basic outline of character.

ID Assignments

SKU and Description Generation ID Assignment

Adding Accessories

SKU and Description Generation Adding Accessories

Final Assembled SKU/ID

SKU and Description Generation Final Assembled SKU